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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Cattle Calamity! - The Show Down

Sometime Wade and I will get into heated discussions about the silliest things.  Like this evening he read an excerpt from a book he is reading called We pointed them North.  And that got on us the subject of cattle and the close calls or heroic acts and all around cattle prowess.  In short we got in a little tiff about which story was better.  So I am going to leave the judgment up to you.  You will hear my tale, and later this week his. Let the contest begin.

It seems the only time I have troubles with cattle is when a man is no where to be found.  When I lived at home the cattle always were out, jumped a fence, bloated and on the verge of death or broken something when my dad and brother we not at home.  This is my story  (dun dun  - think Law and Order J )

Everyone was gone at my house – the siblings still at school for various practices, the parents at work.  So it was up to me to do chores etc. Not a big deal.  This was when the family still had hogs and I had to take a bucket of feed to the "faron" house (actually farrowing but that’s the twang and slang of my roots.  The farrowing house is where we kept the sows (momma hogs) to give birth – yes we did use crates cause sows can get mighty gruff but that’s for a later post  ). 

Before I go any further I must describe the layout of our farm – there is a dry lot between the grain bins and faron house.  This dry lot separates two pastures that our cattle graze on.  This is also where we sometimes feed hay – so cattle do have access to this lot from the various pastures.  This is important -  I have to cross this lot to get to the hog house. 

As I swung over the gate feed bucket in hand I noticed a suspious hoard of black animals.   To my alarm the cows were huddled around a pile of golden kernels!  One of the cows must have smashed up against the grain bin door – breaking the latch – opening the door – causing bushels of soybeans to come spilling out.  And there the cattle were eating up the beans.  I was about sick to my stomach when I saw that!  I ran back to the shed in a frenzy - couldn’t find a sorting stick, so instead I grabbed an aluminum ball bat.  It was resting next to the shed door.  I needed something to brandish at them, yep that would do the trick! I made enough commotion with my voice, bat and gestures to spook most of the cows away and chase them back into the pasture, but the old bull and 3 cows were unspookable.   No matter what I called them or how I said it – they would not move.

I had one option at this point. I was going to have to take one for the team. I threw my self bodily onto the bean pile - right idea - but not that dramatic! I actually walked calmly to the bean pile as they ate and stood right in the middle of it. Got right up in their faces!  I could smell the cud!   Me – all of 5ft nothing with bat in hand standing in a pile of beans. The cows stopped – that was too much for them, I had interrupted them completely and they backed away from the pile. I stood there, the cows got intimidated – the bull however was not.  
Here is the bull - he has since moved on... 

He would pace around me -toss his head and made a noise that almost sounded like a mixture of growling and a heavy sigh.  Finally he just stood there and we had a stare down.  I don’t know how long we held eye contact, but my patience out matched his and he moseyed back to his cows who were quite content grazing.    I had won!  I ran behind him and shut the pasture gate!

I fed the sows, got some buckets and began to clean up the beans.  I filled every bucket we owned.  Then I backed the farm truck down to the bins, laid a tarp down in the bed and began filling it.  I had jimmied the bin door back shut with a piece of baler twine i found.  Called the folks and headed back to house.  My mission was complete. And the cattle were fine!
The End!

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  1. WOW!! Pretty impressive!!

    Given that EACH of those cows/bulls outweighed you by several times, you were pretty brave!!!

    Loved the part about you "staring down" the bull!!

    Love your blog! I will be following you now!

    Cindy from California

    1. Cindy,
      Thanks for comment! Glad you liked the story!

  2. Wow, I'm impressed! I can totally see you up that bull's face, ha. Our bull is kind of the same way, although he normally listens to me pretty well. Wouldn't want to be between him and that much food though!

    1. Haha! thanks! It had to be done! I couldn't think of any other alternatives! It made a colorful story at least! :)

  3. lol. I scanned the pictures before I read the words and seen the bull picture with the caption that he has since moved on and I thought oh no, but hey, you won, not the bull....lol....great ending to a great story!


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