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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Friday Finds - New Names on My Current Playlist.

Since I got the new car I also have had the delight to have a sirius radio trial subscription. I have really enjoyed it. I got hooked on the "Outlaw" station. What can I say. I am a sucker for Emmylou Harris. I have also have started messing the Pandora again.    Not sure why I stopped.

So I wanted to share some artists that are "new" to me.  Give them a listen and let me know whatcha think!

*Click on the name and a link will take you to a youtube video. Enjoy!

- Brandi Carlile.
- Caitlin Rose
- Lindi Ortega - current favorite right now.
- The Black Lillies - really liking them too!!!
- Ashley Monroe

I also like this new song "Redneck Crazy" by Tyler Farr and "One more Year" by Kasey Chambers. 

Are you listening to anything new?  New favorite songs?


  1. I'm enjoying my sirius radio too. One of my new favorites is Templeton Thompson's 'When I Get That Pony Rode"...I also love Allison Krauss and anything by Don Edwards.

  2. We love Lindi Ortega, too! I can't get enough and wish I could sing maybe half as well.

    This comment is also my version of doing a little "I'm alive and still read your blog" dance from here in southern MISSOURI!

    I think we like it here :)

    Also - with rodeo season coming up and our willingness to drive obvious... where should we be heading?! Where are the good spots?!



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