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Monday, January 6, 2014

13 Things for 2014

I started 2013 with a list of lofty goals of things to do and accomplish.   2013 ended up being less than stellar for us.  We lost a very dear person and we lost the little farm.  I am guilty of having the world’s biggest pity party the entire month of December.

Why so down?

However, we did make new friends and find a new place to live. There are things to be grateful for.  This year I want to focus on a different set of goals – not focus so much on the doing of things but the attitude we conduct ourselves in. 

1)       Look at the glass half full instead of half empty

2)      Think before I speak.  Sometimes tis best to hold thy tongue...

3)      Learn to roll with the punches

4)      Let go of the bad things and hold on to the good.

5)      Quit making mountains out of mole hills

6)      Make the decision to have a good day. I WILL.....
7)       Accept that you cannot change everything....but you can change something's.

8)      Smile at people – from those you bump into at a store to those you pass for a fleeting moment.

9)      When sitting among strangers – strike up a conversation

10)   Do random acts of kindness – be it a kind word, action or deed. 

11)   Be the good and see the good everyday.

12)   Start the day with a prayer on your lips and a song in your heart.

13)   Just keep going….keep moving forward.

Here’s to a better 2014!  What are your goals and resolutions?




  1. I have come to a similar realization. I need to let go of the small things and not worry so much about what I can't change. All that happens when I don't is loss of sleep, loss of hope, and, sometimes, loss of faith. Things work out the way they're meant to, so stressing and worrying just don't help. Instead, I'm trying to keep my priorities in focus and just keep moving forward. :-)

  2. I love your 13 things are know that 2014 will be a great one for you guys!!

  3. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming :) Here's to a better and brighter 2014 for both of us - and I love your list. While specific goals are great and have their place, ones like yours are much more accomplishable I think!

  4. I love your 13 things (I also love the Finding Nemo reference above by Jamie). I think you're starting out with a very positive mindset and trying to accomplish things that will give you better peace of mind and fulfillment. And, because I LOVE that movie: Keep Swimming!

  5. Elizabeth,
    I love your idea of adapting a more positive way of thinking. Yesterday, I read a blog post that I think you will like http://revamom.blogspot.com/2014/01/7-rules-to-make-you-think.html. This gal is my age, a ranch wife married to J's cousin and Mom to 5 girls.

    Here's to great things in 2014!

  6. Cheers to a better 2014! I think this list is pretty doable, and looks very similar to the promises I have been making myself keep lately. Here's to positivity and taking life one day at a time, and knowing that we can't control the fact that some will be better/worse than others. We can only control the way we approach them and handle them.

    Chin up and go get 'er!


  7. I hope you're going to write some more on your blog. I miss reading your posts!


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