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Monday, January 6, 2014

2013 Goals Reviewed....Let's see how we did!

Last year I made this list of 25 things for the New Year - here is that list and a review of what we did off that list.  I'm working on a new list for 2014 - What are you goals and resolutions?

 25 things to do in the New Year. (In no special order…)

1)      Have a family BBQ and more family get-togethers.  – kinda sort did em….Still on the list for 2014. 

2)      Go to another rodeo out of state. Options Wade and I have discussed – NFR, WSRRA finals in Winnemucca NV, Pendleton Roundup or Cheyenne Frontier Days.

– Well we went to Amarillo again – such a great rodeo.  This year we def. have our sights on NFR.
3)      Go camping in Yellowstone with some family and friends.  – didn’t happen. A lofty goal…don’t see it in the cards this year.

4)      Practice baking bread and pie – and repeat.  They must pass mom's approval.    I am ashamed…I did not bake hardly anything this year….not one attempt at bread nor pie….

5)      Become a better rider and out rope Wade.  – well I did practice roping…the riding got put on hold.
6)      Plant a garden.  Cross that sucker off I done did it J
7)      Make a big batch of Sangria for a family gathering…Yum!  - This happened too!

8)      Start running/jogging. Or maybe do some Yoga on a regular basis.  – Started in Dec? That counts right?

9)      Try 1 new recipe each week . – I may have fudged on this one

10)   Get a new car - well at least new to me. Done!  A Dodge Nitro – its BA and I LOVE having 4-Wheel Drive.

11)   Make a quilt.  – I got a new sewing machine for Christmas – complete with some pre-cut blocks to sew together…so its in the works.

12)   Take my mom to see the state botanical gardens.  – Best of intentions – well try again in 2014

13)   Print some photos –  and finish a photo project or 3.-  Kinda sorta on this one – did make a few things but have yet to make a series of canvas prints.

14)   Take my sissy out for her 21st – DONE and she had a GREAT time.

15)   Give my sissy an awesome bridal shower. – This was also a success.

16)   Buy a stock trailer.  – This was put on HOLD big time!

17)   Pray more. – work in progress

18)   Find some pasture to rent for our cows. – and if you follow the blog you know this didn’t happen L

19)   Save more money – which maybe hard to do given what I have written down on this list so far.  Was a little more successful on than previous plans.

20)   Start drawing and painting again/regularly. – Best of intentions – but I did do some awesome things in Oct.

21)   Send more letters and cards .  Yep – this was a success.

22)   Really learn how to use different functions on my  camera. *Click*  - again I am learning an feel I’ve got a better handle on some things!

 23)   See the ocean.   – It was a LOFTY goal…..didn’t happen.

24)   Celebrate my next birthday in style – LOL not at a rodeo, well maybe depends on the rodeo and if there is dancing afterwards.   – This didn’t happen either, Oct was a crazy month.

25)   Look for new opportunities. – Constantly everyday…amen!
Stayed tuned for the NEW List!  


  1. I like your new list. Also you should go to the NFR this year! My cousin and I are in the process of trying to plan a trip to Vegas this year!!! We want to cross it off our bucket lists.

  2. I'm kinda scared to look back at my old 101 in 1001 list for this reason - such lofty goals I had! Lol. Live and learn right? :)

  3. Dream big! No worries on the 101. You have to start somewhere.


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