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Friday, January 3, 2014

Christmas in the Country

Is it a little wrong of me to be relieved that we no longer have to care for the landlords cattle – especially now that we are expecting to reach record lows….temperatures that haven’t been touched in our region for over 20 years?  Now the part of the state I’m in – we are known for being cold….so I’m anxious to experience the REAL cold. Right? Right!
Anyhooo….. I am linking up to share the wonderful package I got as part of the Christmas in the Country ExchangeJamie and Laurie really hit it out of the park with this idea – I sure hope we do it again! So much fun!
My package traveled from Lusk ,Wyoming - a place - believe it or not I have been through!  Small world!!!  Sena Pearson was my secret blogger Santa and sent me some lovely things!
How cool is this?  I think we will hang this up all year long!
An angle she made from denim!  How cute!!!!
She also sent me a pillow case with cows and horse, and a really cozy scarf!
What do you think?  
A big BIG Thank you Sena for such a thoughtful gift!!!
I hope everyone has a wonderful and Blessed New Year!!!
Stay warm and safe everybody!!!!
My gift was sent to the state of Ohio to Taysha of Dirt Road Charm


  1. That little horse and rider ornament (?) seriously looks like it was made just for you! That's so your style! As of right now I think the plan is to def try to do this again next year, so much fun! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Everything was so cute & cozy...perfect for this weather!

  2. Some pretty cool gifts there, didn't know that there was a secret blogger event going on. That's an awesome idea.
    Have a great weekend

  3. How cute! I love how crafty and creative Sena is! Thanks for participating!


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