Every day may not be good...but there is something good in every day.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Winter Favorites...

As my part of the country dipped into the 20's, receiving freezing rain one night and snow flurries the next - winter has officially arrived in my book. 

While I am not looking forward to this blast of cold air I do have winter time favorites...
Here are a few things that make winter a bit more bearable...
Side note (speaking of bears....are they not the coolest animal ever? Can you imagine stuffing your face all summer long just to sleep it off in the depths of winter and wake up skinny?  Let us pause at how awesome that is!) But I digress....

These are a few things I like that make winter a little less of a pain...

I can again wear long cardigans.  Is there anything more comfy than a big loose cardigan and a tank top?

I can drink coffee at all hours of the day without being stared at by my non-coffee drinking husband like I'm a psycho. It's cold - I need something to take the chill out.

Socks - thick wooly socks are one of my absolute favorite things! Ranks right up there with winter scarfs. 

Curling up with my woolie Aussie Dogs.  Since we do not have doors in the apartment - the entry way to the bedroom is a lace curtain. (very hippie chic) However, with that as the only barrier my two Aussies cannot be kept out.  We tried kicking them outside but they whine,bark and keep the whole neighborhood awake.  Because of this they sleep indoors. So lately we have woke up to find them curled up on our bed...on our feet or right next to us.  It's very cozy. I am not ashamed...yes my dogs have started sleeping on the bed.  I now understand why Eskimos allowed their dogs inside.  It's like a furry loveable heat source.

Rich once a year foods.  I would have to write a whole different blog post if I discussed the descendant delights made this time of year.  From my moms homemade bread pudding to pumpkin everything.  All of it rich and scrumptious.   Beside that - cooking more in the house adds warmth and that's a good thing.

And my latest and greatest discovery...cranberry wine...Oh My Gosh!  It sounds crazy but...wow. You have to try it!  I do not feel guilty drinking it because I can relax and gain some healthy antioxidants from the cranberries right?  Too good to be true??  Nope.

That's the long and short of it for now.  So while that wintery wind blows I will be armed with a cup of coffee and a smile! How do you battle the winter blues?


Saturday, November 8, 2014

Some Updating

I will not miss 2014.  I won't miss it one bit.
This year has been marked only by sadness and loss.

We look forward to 2015 with open hearts and bright eyes.

We have celebrated 3 years of marriage.  In those 3 years we have moved 3 times and we eagerly prepare for the 4th move - which will be the last one for the immediate future. 

With careful confidence we begin packing - we have found a small home on a very small acreage with great potential. 

In this new environment I hope to pick up the pencil and paper and blog on a regular basis again. 
So here is to new things, new directions and new beginnings.