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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Feeding Cattle - Photo Essay

This weekend we were in charge of feeding 350 head of cows.  We are feeding the cattle round bales of hay. We use a tractor with a bale unroller attachment.  Rolling bales saves hay.  By unrolling the bales we do not have to set out as much feed. Which is a good because feed is expensive!  If we didn't roll bales out we would have to fill several round bale feeders; which would take up time and hay. We have been feeding 4-6 bales a day.   So enjoy this photo essay of us feeding the cattle this weekend.

It was crazy how they swarmed the tractor.

Unrolling the first bale is the hardest.  Because the cattle are hungry and they try to eat the bales the tractors brings in. 

Before we are able to start unwrapping the bales we must cut off the net wrap.
 Below is Wade removing the net wrap around the bale. He has to scare the cattle away from the bale in order to accomplish this.  

Here is the cattle following the hay as we unroll it down the pasture.  I think some of the cows just enjoy chasing the bale and tractor...

350 head is a lot of mouths to feed...

This is bale two - a little more organized. 


We LOVE Hay! 

We want more hay! :) 


  1. Ooooooh, lady, LOVE your pics! second from the bottom is my personal fav! :)

  2. Wow that is a lot of cattle - and a lot of hay! Is the guy you are working for going to have enough hay to get though the winter? 4-6 bales a day is a lot! We're going to be close on having enough hay - hoping for a milder winter and praying that the grass will keep growing!

    1. Wade thinks so. The guy sold all the calves because he didn't have enough hay to feed them and the cows this winter. We shall see. Yeah I know what you mean! We are doing the same thing!