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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Late...Christmas in the Country

Sorry I've been meaning to post this!  Life as usual has been non-stop and crazy!

I got a lovely package from Indiana!  A big thank you to Crystal from Chasing Saturdays!

There was also a bag of Dove chocolates - they didn't last long very long.
Well not long enough to make the photograph anyway. :)
The wall sign is very pretty and will look nice in the home.
The chocolate coffee is wonderful - I have never tried flavored coffee before. I'm hooked!
I cannot wait to use the cookie cutters!!!
Thank you again and Thanks to the ladies for hosting this event!!!
My little package was sent to Susie at Chores and Chandeliers!


  1. Love! Thanks again for participating!

  2. Now I am the one behind! Thank you so much for participating again this year! Chocolate coffee? I think I could be in love with that too. :)