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Monday, May 7, 2012

My Sweet Rodeo Man

It was a hot morning, which would make for a hot afternoon
Heels and sundresses for church, - Praying that no one would get hurt
Jeans and boots for the rodeo
It was “call me when you are close, will meet you at the entrance,…I miss you”
Sitting in the bleachers – watching the boys as bull flanks are tied and riders mount
Pulling gates, bulls and broncs bustin’ out of the chutes
Climbing fences and busted knuckles

Dust, grime, sweat, blood, sunburned faces and smiles
Then it was back in the shade waiting for the next round
Talking with the men, the fighters, pickup men and stock contractors all friends
Shooting the bull and drinking cool beverages in the mid day heat
Talking and laughing about rank bulls and broncs of the past and rodeos to come
It was being pulled over to the pickup truck, “I’ve got something for you,” 
Picking up a bouquet of bright flowers from the rodeo gear in a makeshift soda bottle vase
Saying “I love you, Happy 6th Month Anniversary”
Sweet kisses away from the “guys”  
The flowers wilted by the heat, given by hands that were bandaged and bleeding
Hands that held mine, my sweet Rodeo Man.


The above describes our weekend.  Wade and I celebrated 6 wonderful months of marriage! 

This weekend - Wade worked at one of the high school rodeos.  He works for the stock contractor, so when he calls, Wade is on the road to help.  Typically he sorts stock, works chutes, and is aspiring to be a pickup man. 

The above photo is Wade (on the fence) and his best friend Tom.  Tom is a bull fighter.
Tom was one of Wades' groomsmen!  FYI he is a dancing fool! :) 

Tom at it again. 

One of the junior bulls and a junior high rider 

One of the bronc riders 

Breakaway Roping  - Loved her horse! 

Last Bull of the day! 

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  1. Oh my goodness!! How fun and scary! I love your photos. And happy six months!

  2. Happy Six Month Anniversary! What a blessing. And I loved your poem :)

  3. Beautiful post and wonderful pictures. Glad you had such a sweet Sunday :)

  4. Happy six months! Love the poem!

  5. Happy 6 months!!!! Loved your poem!!!

  6. Hey thanks for all the comments and thoughts! :)

  7. Congratulations on the first 6 months. Sounds like a fun time :-)

  8. looks like fun but scary.

    i'm really impressed!
    happy 6 months!

  9. Happy 6 months, Honeymooners!

    Love the photos. A bit scary, but exciting!

    Thank you for sharing at Rural Thursdays this week.

  10. Wow, so cool! Great pics. Found you on the blog hop, would love to follow each other! http://sassyshopperreviews.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi CJ - thanks for stopping by! Yeah sure I will be looking at your page! :)